wheres my dam code

Wtf ive been waiting for hours for my itunes code this is total Bs guys

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 Hi Christian,

We apologize for the delay on your order.
The code has been deliver to your Order Page.

If you have any further issue, please do contact us again.


I haven't received my itunes code yet although my purchase has been confirmed by you and my bank!

We are sorry for the wait. Please let us know your order number so that we can check on the hold-up and report back.


Hi Mayalynned,

If your inquiry is regarding order number 7797315, it appears that the order was delivered 2 minutes after your order placement.  Further checks revealed that the code was already viewed from your end.  Do let us know if you require further assistance regarding this.


Thank you :)

You're welcome. You may send us an email to for any enquiry :)

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