play station card are been used

the codes don't work .. they have been used ?? what is this ?? i waited for nothing ?? and take me money ??

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The same thing happened to me! What the fuck? I sent them an email and I want a refund

Hi there,

Regarding your inquiry, we advise for you to kindly submit to us a screen shot of the following in order for us to get this issue reported to the CDKey management so that they can investigate this issue with the publishers of the code as we have no direct access to the publisher's systems.

1> Screenshot of your order showing the code you have received
2> Screenshot of the error you received on your account during redemption

Kindly do not crop the pictures and you may save them as .jpeg/.png format. Attach them and email it to or you can submit directly to our CDK officers through the following link:

Me too - bought 50 USD PSN but code not working, already sent them screen shots, but nothing...I used Paypal, so I have an claim...but from Offgmers nobody is answering


 Hi Lukas,

For faulty game code issues, kindly submit screenshots to us and we will get our Game Card &Cdkey team to check on your case. We will keep you updates of the issue updates. You may submit your screenshots here:

You may also send it as attachment to

Kindly do not crop the pictures and you may save them as .jpeg/.png format.

I already did this, but so far no solution from your side...



Hi Lukas,

We apologize for the trouble on this order, we already escalate your case to our CD-key team for further check with Publisher. Please do check your email for the updates as we will keep you informed by e-mails once the investigation complete.

Thank you.

Yeah how long will it take to get new codes? I have waited about 34 hours since I purchased this and I still have not received new codes that work. 

Hi Oskaringolfs,

Kindly allow 48 to 96 hours for the feedback from the CDKey department. This is because it is public holiday in our country. They will get back to you at once when they have check your issue. We apologized for the inconvenience caused. 

Hi, I just bought four codes for karma koin/coin and all four codes are not usable at all.
I'd like a refund or working codes for the money I paid.

Thank you.


Hi Lilibeth,

As per our conversation in the emails, we have forwarded your request for a refund to the respective department. We will notify you once it has been done. Thank you for your patience.

Now I am waiting 5th day for new PSN code - nothing, few days ago I asked for refund (as I wanted this code for an EA sale) and this option was offered to me from Offgamers too - again nothing, so I was trying to get help from Paypal, but Offgamers denied an refund!!! Why? This is very strange.. I want my money

Hi Lukas,

Unfortunately we are still waiting for the respond from the code publisher for the error code situation. Once we receive an updates for the case we will contact you immediately. Your case is still pending for responses. We do apologize for the inconvenience.


Yes an update on the matter. It has been about 108 hours since I bought the 2 50$ psn codes and sent in the form in the same hour and still nothing. 

Please hurry up. I am losing my patience. Why do you send out already redeemed codes and still take our money? This is such a scam.

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