proxy problems/waiting time is too long

I ordered my karma koin code about 50 minutes ago but it seems to still be stuck at that process.   payment went through successfully on paypal. 

no respond from any of the staff members, I paid and I still haven't got my code.

another thing, something is wrong with your verification system, you said I used proxy/vpn but I wasn't using any of these, and I checked online and I am not under proxy. now I have to wait 3 days or so cause you charged 40$ off my rechargeable credit card and because of your system I will probably miss the event deadline.

do not buy from this site for your own sake, already charged 50$ off my rechargeable CC and now I will miss the event because of their crappy system. long time verification, bad costumer service, nice prices but a very low quality. very disappointed. PCGAMESUPPLY is the answer.

We apologize for the trouble Brandon, due to certain security issues the system unable to proceed with your order. Due to the nature of our product, some order unable to go through especially if the order was placed using an unsecured connection. Once your order has been canceled, payment using Paypal will be refund within few minutes back to your Paypal account.

If you encounter any issue you could always contact our customer support.


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