Don't buy Global Xbox Live from these people

As title states i got screwed out of my money. And its been a Week + and they still haven't fixed my damn code LUL. And i can't ask for my money back until they investigate. Such shame :[] 

Hi Seth,

First and foremost, we apologize for the ordeal that you have gone through with this purchase. Since we did not create nor publish the code from our end, we have no access to the developer's system to check directly and require their assistance which, in turn - requires time.

We apologize as before the investigation is completed, we will not be able to provide any form of replacement/refund, to avoid losses on our end. Kindly allow us more time while we contact the publisher's support team for further investigation. We pledge to provide updates instantly when we receive any news from the on-going investigation.

Once again, we are truly sorry for the inconveniences caused.


This company is a joke. You send out codes that have already been redeemed and scam us. The worst part is that we cant do anything about it.

Hi Oskaringolfs,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Our team are still waiting for the respond from the publisher for the code error issue. As soon as we receive any updates we will let you know of the progress.

Do contact our support team for any inquiries on your order status.


They just sent me a blurry picture and now they wont fix it, i cant tell what the letters are, and when i sent them the prinscreen neither could they.

Hello, Robin

We have notified our respective department to check on it and get you notify once there is an updates since just submitted the issue form.
I'm facing the same problem just ordered 2 psn network cards and aperantly they Are both already been used I always order my cards from this site this is the first time I face this issue.
To all affected customer buying PSN 50 Cards, rest assured that your case has been escalate to our CDkey & Inventory team. Once we receive any information we will send individual email to your respected emails.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.


Just want to add that the code has been replaced. Therefore, we will be closing this topic and deemed it as resolved.


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