Stuck on Verifying

How long does it take to verify? been waiting for 30min or so now

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It seems like you still did not submit your utility bill and back of your credit card image.

I don't have a utility bill I'm only 19. I guess i will just use SeaGM instead of offgamer from now on......

You can submit either your bank statement or official letters has your billing address

Like I said, I am only 19 i don't keep track of this stuff. I have a job that i use for buying games.

anyway thanks for attempting to help I will just go to another site to buy what i need.

Your order was subsequently cancelled and refund was initiated back through the original payment mode as per your request.

We are sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused.

like me here is my order number : 9865017

Hi helwanmerah,

Your order had failed our verification process which renders online payment modes unacceptable and order subsequently cancelled so we could return your payment.

You would however be more than welcomed to instead re-order via the other alternative payment modes now being offered as you checkout.

Hello, my order is stuck as well

Hi Damian,

It seems that your order has been completed now and you may login to your OffGamers account for the update.

Thank you

i changed the first and last name and it still verifying

i have to put the 100$ gift card on the ps4 at 7pm please help me 

Hi Pog, 

Order 9900458 was duly completed and code delivered to you some 10 minutes ago.  It also appears that you have already viewed the code from your end, so thanks for your purchase.

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