Stuck on Verifying

How long does it take to verify? been waiting for 30min or so now

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I ordered 2 steam wallet cards its being 1h still saying Verification i need those codes right now want to gift someone

Hi MrX95,

Please be informed that your order has been refunded per your request. 

Thank you

ORDER# 9353801 my order is stuck in "veryfing", and I even got the invoice with the confirmation of the payment, how longer should I wait? It's been an hour now.

Hi Sergio,

It appears that your order has been completed on the system now. Please do check your OffGamers account for the latest update.

My order has been stuck in verifying hours,what's the problem please?

Hello, 2695474385. About your order 9386766, we are still waiting for you to update your first & last name. Thank you.

 how long i waiting for stuck on verifying? too late respond

Hi, EI. Your order is pending due your payment has been refused and you may check with your bank for more information.

ORDER# 9500307 (2017-12-08 22:13:56) still stuck in 

Payment Received

Pending for verification. 

how long should i wait 

Hi 3331667503 ,

In regard of your order, it has been canceled by system as per your request. Please do email us at should you need any further assistance.

I have 3 orders and are on Verifying for quite a while now

Hi Kate,

We would like to inform that your orders has been completed and the code delivered to your OffGamers account. We will close this thread and deem issue resolved. If you have any question or need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

My order was stuck on verifying for 2 hours so i cancelled it. I now placed the order again and it is still stuck on verifying.

Hello, Tommy. Regarding your order 9782123, you will need to submit the document for verification. More information can be located via your email.

okay i did it, hopefully you can verify my order now please.

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