Karma koin code already redeemed

Hello, I bought two karma koin codes last night. One of them worked just fine, the $10 one, but when I tried to redeem the other it informed me it was already redeemed. Could someone look into this for me please? Thanks!
Hello, Derek. Kindly submit your issue at so we can escalate to our respective department to check with our publisher then get back to you via email.


I submitted my issue and opened a ticket. While someone replied to my ticket informing me to send it to the CDK team, I haven't heard back from anyone since then and, it has been almost six days.

Is there any further news on what happened?


Hi Derek,

Our CD Key Team has replied to you on 12th January 2015 from their own support email. You may check your email again. The email should be Thank you.

You ever get this resolved??


And yes, I can see where it says "Solved", but I want to hear from the original creator of the topic.


Hi Lilibeth,

As per our conversation in the emails, we have forwarded your request for a refund to the respective department. We will notify you once it has been done. Thank you for your patience.

Dear all customers having issue redeeming Karma Koin codes,

Please be informed that the issue has since been rectified. Kindly redeem again using the same codes and let us know if you still having the same problem.

Thank you.

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