waiting for my order...

my Order# 6024983 is still verifiying after payment was done , thought it would be instant (~sub 5mins after successfully payment+verifiy) . Can you tell me howlong i have to wait?



Hello Florian,

Sorry for the delay of your order. Because it's your first purchase, we need to take the necessity procedure to verify your information before approving your purchase. However, it appears that our officers has concluded their review and the order was completed 5 minutes ago prior to this post.

We apologize for the inconveniences caused.

Wsiting for my order 6092455 whats going on
Wtf wheres my itunes code guys been waiting hours i will never use this site again
Hi Christian,

We apologize for the delay. The code has been deliver to us as soon as we receive the profile updates from your side.

Thank you.


my order is taking forever isnt it...

Hi Mike,

Please check your email for the latest updates for your order status. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.



I just bought a US PSN card 20$ from your site as the Atlus sale on the US PSN is about to end in 1 day,and my order is verifying (yes it is my first time buying from you)

I used Paypal for my payment,here is my order number : 6150150

Please verify it quickly as possible

Hi Muhammad,

Referring to your order, It has been completed now and you may proceed to view the code on your Offgamers account history page.

Thank you

Why is my order still pending ??

Hi Binary,

Your order is now completed.

You may get your order from your shasso account.


 i ordered a 20$ steam card and have been waiting for ages for it to come in. im getting worried. my ticket number is 6766935. can you hurry it up?

Hi Liam,

We have replied your ticket accordingly. You may check your email for the updates. Thank you.


im arif just bought garena shell. the status has said completed but the shell still not transfer into my garena account. my ticket number is 6769939. hurry up pleaseeeee.

Hi Arif, It seems that your order has been completed and you may view the code on your OffGamers order history page.

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