ok so i damn wanted a 20 USD card , got verifying for an age, i opened a dispute and then they send me its completed, i closed the dispute, they send a message saying i should send some some weird shi t to close the dispute, which i closed already and cant open, i always but from offgamers using my bro's account, but i can assure you this will be the last time to buy from offgamers.

Dear Dancin,

Because of the dispute warning, the system automatically put the account on hold and our customer service team unable to lift the 'holding' flag Since the dispute has been closed, do allow us about 6-12 hours time while our higher management remove the security flag and you should able to use the account again. We sincerely apologize for the trouble, we get this issue resolve a soon as possible. Do check your email for the order updates from our team.

You may email us at if you have any further inquiries.


Hi there,

5969068 have been completed accordingly and since the dispute have been listed, you may proceed to view the code:

1> Go to

2> Click on your order number 5969068

3> Click "Show Code"


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