How long should it takes for verifying an order?

hi, I am new in off gamers, just purchased a PSN usd20 game card. After my paypal settled, how long does it take for me to get the code?
Hi Kin Lok,

We apologize for the delay on your order. The verification usually take within 15-30 minutes time, depending on the order status. Your order is completed and you should able to view your code from your order page. Do contact us again if you have any other inquiries.


Thank you.

Hi offgamers,

I'm new to off gamers and i made a purchase to puy a bleach online game card for 20 dollars. Is it normal for the verfication process to take more then an hour?

Hi Jazmin,

Pertaining to your order, It has been processed and you may check the account within 5-10 min for delivery. The system usually takes within 10-15 min for verification clearance and it might be longer if we need extra time to review the order. Any update on the order progress, we will always let the user know via email. Please ensure your profile is updated with a valid address/details.

Kindly contact us at if you need any further assistance.

Thank you

Hi offgamers. I am new and made a purchase PSN 10$ card (Order Number: 7213161) how long does it take to deliver? 

Hi Nikita,

We have forwarded your order to the respective department to check further. We will notify you by email once we have received the updates on this matter. We thank you for your patience and please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.

HI Nikita,

Please be informed that your order 7213161 is delivered and completed. Please check your email for further instruction. Thank you.

HI i have purchase the Multi Global Card for many day already but i still didn't got any code,,,

Hi jason,

Please kindly provide us the order number or you can send it to our support email for further check.

our support email:

We awaits your swift reply.

Hi, I bought a PSN 10USD card about an hour ago, it asked for paypal verification, I clicked said link, a message saying my verification succeeded appeared, and then I got my invoice. I have not recieved further emails. The state of my order is still "Pending for Verification". Order number is 8136998, how long will it take? Or what should I do next? Thank you. 

I should add that my Paypal was already charged for the purchase. 


Hi Andres Mateo,

Kindly check your OffGamers account for the update since your order has been completed on the system now.

Thank you Mohammad, the order was completed and I redeemed my code with no problems. 
I think I'll be using offgamers for any future purchases. Thank you for the quick support. 

You're welcome. Kindly contact us at should you need any further assistance.

我是帐户ID:125556 昨天够买MyCard 5,000积分(MY / SEA)购买订单号码# 8186672到现在还没收获取代码

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