Cannot receive security token via SMS


    I tried two times to send the security token via my phone, but the message has never reached on my phone.

 Could you guys send a security token through my email and let me change or check if i got the phone number right?


We can call your phone to manually verify it so you need not await the token, let us know when would be a good time.


i would prefere an sms because i am at work and cant talk by phone

and i made an error, my phone number end in 7801

Hi Oleksandr, We have send the security token to your registered email. As for the phone verification, we can do it according to your convenient time. Do contact us at if you have any further inquiries. Thank you.

Hi There same issu with the security token. Would it be possible to receive it too in my email? and the last 4 digit of my phone is 6136. Thank you

 Hi loumakev,
The security token has been sent to your registered email address. Contact us again if you have any other issue.


Please confirm my phone, I'm not getting SMS. Last 4 digits: 0485


Hi Igor,
A representative will give you a short phone call to verify your phone number.

Thank you.


 Hi, yes, I've got a phone from a nice girl, that was very nice and quick. :)))) Thank you.

You're welcome!


However I've placed an order and still needs phone verification. Support told me on weekend you can't do that. It's Friday, so I have wait 3 days? I've verified myself, I have already paid and didn't get a code, which I need it very fast (promotion will end soon). That's why I've chose you. That's really sad. :(((


Hi Igor,
Please check your email. Your order has been updated to complete. You should able to use your game code now.

If you have any further issue, please contact us at


Yes, got it. Thanks Claressa! But I don't know may I place next orders and will get them automatically or again I would need to wait? It's important for me. Thank you.

Hi Igor,
It depends on the order status, I would suggest you to send a ticket to the support team if you needed prompt assistance. I'm sure they will be very much enthusiasm to assist you if you encounter any issue.


Yes, I have wrote support. I can confirm support works very good and fast! :)))


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