Cannot receive security token via SMS


    I tried two times to send the security token via my phone, but the message has never reached on my phone.

 Could you guys send a security token through my email and let me change or check if i got the phone number right?


You may check your spam or junk folder as we have replied to the ticket you have sent to us .


Kindly sent an email to

cant recieve security token

Please send your OffGamers email address to for assistance. Thank you.


 Hi Thomas, we have re-send a fresh security token to your registered email. If you need to verify your phone in your profile, please drop us an email at for a manual phone verification.
Thank you.

Hi, i didn't receive the security token. Can you please send me one to my registered email? I cannot verify my phone.

Hi Juan,
Our representative have contacted you regarding on your issue.


Yes, everything went fine! THanks!

Hi! I can't receive my token. - 1048

We can call your phone to manually verify it so you need not await the token, let us know when is a good time.


now is ok

I have same problem with receive security token via SMS. Pls help



We thank you for your co-operation. Your mobile number has been verified and you may now proceed to place your order with us.

Thank you.

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