Cannot receive security token via SMS


    I tried two times to send the security token via my phone, but the message has never reached on my phone.

 Could you guys send a security token through my email and let me change or check if i got the phone number right?


Hello, Jeton. You may wait for the SMS as it will send by our system once you have updated your mobile number.

Alright, thanks!

You are welcome.

Hello, Jeton. It seems like your mobile number is verified now.

I have updated my number still can't get the code help please. Just call me if you can. 

Hello, Burak. Kindly respond to the email if you have further inquiries.

hello, i do not receive my security token my email: and the 4  last number on my mobile is 5845

hello I do not receive my security token help... my email: and the last 4 number : 5845

Hi Motorman77, It seems you have receive the Security Token as you have manage to made a payment for your recent order. However it seems the payment were rejected by the card issuer. Kindly check back with the card issuer before trying to make a new purchase. We do advise you to update all the relevant information in your Shasso account.

Thank you

trying to get a token and it never comes through can you send to last 4 digits 7945

Hi. Daimien. Kindly sent an email to for further assistance.

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