my order status still verifying


Can you help me check my order please, is there any problem with my account or something? 

my order number is 5925680.

 Hello Dayangku,

Just want to let you know that we will need you to verify your Paypal email address before we can proceed with your order. Just click on the verification link that is sent to your registered Paypal email address and your purchase will be processed after that.

Let us know if you have any difficulty doing so. We'll try our best to assist you on that.

Hi Dayangku,

Your purchase have been refunded via PayPal as your PayPal primary e-mail was not verified with us for over 48 hours. You may place a new order and verify your PayPal e-mail address to have your purchase processed.



I'd already placed a new order and received my code Thank you so much.

 Hi again,

We are truly glad that your inquiry is now resolved!

Do get back to us at anytime shall you have any further inquiries.

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