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Posted about 8 years by Dawod_hod

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hi so i noticed that your selling world of warcraft:warlords of draenor cd key for 42$ something while in the blizzard store its sold for almost 45 euro 

i would like to know why is yours cheaper and dose it contain all what the digital WOD from blizz store offers(expansion content.1 character boost.1 month game time....etc)

and thanks

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Elizabeth posted about 8 years

Hi there,

Regarding your inquiry, kindly be informed that yes, WOD Expansions does come with Character Boost but the free game time only comes with BattleChest - WOD Expansion does not have a tie in with the free 30 days game time.

Please be informed that we purchase the WOW keys in bulk amount hence we are able to offer a better and more competitive pricing for customers to shop. :)

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Dawod_hod posted about 8 years

ohh and I forgot that I was writing in the community forums :p XD my bad 

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