Bought xbox 10$ gift card - Code not yet activated.

Hi there!.

As the topic title states, i've bought a 10$ US xbox gift card, whenever i try to enter the code, i keep getting the following message : ''this code has not been activated, try at a later time''.

So i'm assuming this is an error on part, and they just need to activate the code?, if so.. would you kindly activate my code ?.

Thank you :)

 Hi Tibor,

Unfortunately we unable to activate the code for you, but we able to escalate your case to the code publisher for further assistance. Do check on your email for this order update and reply with the required screenshot on the email. Once we have receive your email and screenshots, we'll forward the information to the publisher for further action.

Thank you.

Hi Tibor,

The CDKey team has received and reported your issue on 5895766. They will provide you a reply once we receive updates from the publisher. :)

Thank you for your kind patience and cooperation.



Alright, i understand, thank you for the update.

You are most welcome Tibor and thank you as well for your kind patience once again. :)



It's been 4 days since i submitted this issue, does the cdkey key have any ETA when it will be solved ?.

Thank you

Sorry for inconvenience caused. Currently we are awaiting the response from our publisher and get you notify as soon as we got an updates from them.


Hi Tibor,

The CDKey team seemed to have responded to you via a different e-mail from their support mailbox with the solution. Hope that all things are fine and dandy now. :)


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