What kind of website is this? Need ANSWERS NOW

first it's taking to so long for an immediate deilvery to verify then when i try to cancel the order it doesnt let me and and i never got my email to even verify my email account after resending like 10 times

Hi Joshua,

Referring to your order, It seems there's a delay with payment gateway to authorize the payment with our system and you had request for the order to be cancelled now. As it is possible to proceed with your order now, we would like to confirm with you again whether you would like to:

1. Proceed with order delivery, OR
2. Cancel and refund the order

We await for your swift reply

If i will get my order immediately now then proceed i can not wait any longer, please and thank you.

Hi Joshua,

We already proceed to complete your order now and you may retrieve the code from your Offgamers account order page. Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Thank you

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