Can't log in.

I created an account and even made a transaction in it but upon logging off i cant log back in cause it says my email id is wrong.
I created a new account to post onto this.
Problem is i cant make any more payments cause my phone number is tied with the original account.

 Hi there,

We have found your account with your mobile number registered with the e-mail omgailz@*******.com

Perhaps you may try logging in using that?

So i tried that, and it says invalid username for both login and password recovery.

Hi Alisdair,

Just want to check with you. Is that e-mail an existing g-mail account of yours? If it was wrongly entered and not a properly activated account in G-mail you will have to verify other information with us to retrieve the account.

It's best to e-mail us at


Ohhh, nevermind. Just reread the email address. It was wrongly entered on my part. Sorry guys. Problem solved! 
Apologies for the trouble.

 Hi Alidair,

No sweat! It's best to update a working e-mail so that when you try to reset the password, it goes into a working e-mail ;)

If you have any further inquiries, kindly get back to us anytime.

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