Where is my key

Just did purchase from the offgamers. after several Email verifying, I got following notice. 

  31 Oct, 2014 

Thank you for purchasing at OffGamers. This is to notify you that your order is now being processed. Please kindly visit our OffGamers Storeat Pudu to collect your product.

I am living in USA. And I have no idea where Pudu is located. 

After check google map, I found I have to buy a flight ticket to Pudu. 

So .........  fix it

Dear Jian Xi,

Please be informed that you have selected the Mists of Pandaria Collector Edition **CD Key Only** from which is actually a pre-ordered item whereby we will scan and provide the code directly from a Mists of Pandaria Collector's Edition box without needing it to be sent/collected. We only cater to walk-ins when they are in the same country and since we provide service across the globe for CDKeys, we will send customers CDKeys and digital contents via OffGamers.

Your purchase have been refunded as per your request.


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