Can't verify cel phone number

It's the one I've had for years and it's registered in my name as well, I forgot before to verify my e-mail adress so I thought it might be that but after I verified it, it still tells me it's invalid or in use.

Hi Manuel,

It appear system unable to recognize the number as valid mobile number. Kindly add 1 after the country code. Example +52  1552217XXXX. Once you have update your number, please try to verify your number again.


It still doesn't accept it, it tells me the same thing about not valid or in use.

Hi Manuel,

Pertaining to this matter, please do provide us a screenshot with the error message, and send to our Please do include in your OffGamers account email address or your customer ID in order for us to locate your profile. We will have our respective department to check on this matter.


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