Order cancelled TWICE

Okay, so I want to make it clear that normally I am very patient but to be completely honest, I know it's not this website's fault but PayPal has been screwing me over for the past few days suddenly asking for me to fax them copies of very sensitive information when I had absolutely no issues with that before and now because of that I can't use my card on ANYTHING associated with PayPal. I don't WANT to use my PayPal at all here, I just want to place an order with my credit card and JUST my credit card, no PayPal strings attached. I have used my card previously online just a few hours ago and it worked just fine and processed through my bank account so I KNOW it's not my card. Please please PLEASE assist me with this. Why does my order keep getting cancelled? I did verification for my phone number and everything, even had a manual phone call from an agent,  so that's not the issue. Why can't I use my card? I really want to be able to do business with your site but I am really REALLY getting tired of everything being linked with PayPal when I have checked my PayPal and the details of it and I should be able to use my card without it as that is the only issue I have right now with this credit card. As long as it's not sensitive information, I will give whatever I need to resolve this. Please help so I can place an order that won't be cancelled. Thank you. 

Hi Kathryn,


Please be informed to remove any Proxy/VPN before place any order with our website since it will cause system to trigger for auto cancellation which happen to your previous order. Therefore, you may try place new order again without using any Proxy/VPN for system to proceed the order accordingly.

As for the payment, It should reflect back to your card account within 3~14 working days. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Thank you so much for responding. How do you remove a Proxy/VPN?

That would depend of the Internet service that you are currently using. Are you connecting to the internet via a dedicated server/web host that is outside your location? 

You're most welcome. Please refer to the link below for the guides:

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

Internet Explorer

You may place a new order after your browser proxy is off.

Thank you.

Alright I turned off the proxy and placed the order and it's now in verification status, the cycle is it usually says it goes through successfully and then goes into verification status and then ends up getting cancelled, my order number is  5805427 in case it is cancelled again

Ha again,

Our System still detecting you used proxy to place an order with us. May we know where you place the order, at home or at your office?

I placed the order at home, I have never had this issue before with any other website and didn't even know what a Proxy was and still don't but I do use Google Chrome and did follow the guide provided for chrome. I double checked and the proxy is off, it no longer has those automatic settings on it. I attached a screenshot of the way it looks after the settings have been changed.

proxy.png proxy.png
87.1 KB

Can you tick "Automatically detect setting"? And try to place order again. Our System will keep canceling the order if detected our Customers using proxy. Or you can try using Mozilla Firefox to place an order with us.

How can i get a refund if I used POLI as you supposedly do not keep my bank details.

I didn't ask for a refund your system decided that there were risks or something by using the same method and account as previously verified.



Hi Nicole,

Please be informed that Adyen - POLi refund may take within 5-14 working days for the amount to be reflected back to your account. Do check again after this time frame for the updates in your account. We  thank you for your patience and apologized for any inconveniences  caused.

Hey i cancel two orders and now i have 177 € in bank that i can't use , how much time to get my refund? i used paypal

Hi Andre,

Order 11122609 was cancelled and refunded through PayPal Refund Transaction ID: 8P365048SF990702H you may contact Paypal Support to confirm this.

Kindly provide us with the other order ID which was paid for but cancelled.

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