I can not verify my phone number

I have placed 2 tickets like 1 week ago and no one is responding so thats why im posting here

while i signed up i entered a fake number thinking it wont matter but it seems like it does, i think i made my account about 1-2 years ago i can not remember exactly when

ever since then i loved the site and bought a lot of steam cards and other game cards, but this problem is really pissing me off

i can confirm at an other phone number if you want +96596962353

you can set up a date and time to when to call but please i need someone to reply to me because this is taking too long

Hi Zealous,

We have replied your email using Ticket 31763 but so far have received no response from you. Currently we are waiting for you to reply a few questions for verification from that email so we may assist you to amend your account information. Please do get back to us soon by replying that email. 

We also advise you to provide valid account information in future to avoid this problem in future. Thank you :)

Done @Yin

Please check our next email to retrieve the security token to update your mobile phone number in your OffGamers account :)

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