Status: 'Verifying' ??

I bought a $20 steam card last night and was wondering how long it takes to get it, it just says status verifying. Ive seen messeges on other threads saying it delivers in 15 to 30 minutes? Did i do something wrong? Please help. (P.s bought with paypal if that matters)
Hi Marcus,

Before we proceed on your order, please do verify your PayPal email address by logging in to your email and click on the email verification link that we have sent to you.


I did that twice? And it linked me back to the site, makes me log in and then takes me to the main site

~~EDIT: It worked now. I have the code :). Maybe it didn't work the first two times because I was using a different computer than the one I normally log on, odd. Thanks for help. ~~

 Alright. You may notify us again if you have further inquiries. Thank you.

I am doing just like Marcus and i only have 1 device i logged in from , and it still is Verifying

Hi Leo,

Kindly login to your email which you registered in PayPal and click at the attached verification link. If you are unable to locate the email, please do check your Spam/Junk mailbox as well. Once verified, your order will be processed accordingly and the code will be delivered to your OffGamers account.

I followed the procedure, ones I press the verification link I recieve the message: Oops! Fail to verify e-mail. 

After that I will be redirected to the order history page on the website.

Would like to know what is going wrong, thanks in advance.

Hi Marvin,

It seems all of your orders are delivered and completed. You may check your email for the latest updates on your order status. Please email us at for any enquiry.

Thank you

Hello, I have received the verification email and we I clicked the linked I got "Oops! Fail to verify e-mail." message. After that I received another email telling me that my order is pending verification. Would you please advise?

Hi Wafi,

We have confirmed that your order has been processed now and you may login to your OffGamers account for the update.

my orders are stuck on verifying too , paid with store credit

Hi pr0mithios86 ,

We regret to inform that this order is currently pending for verification purposes. Rest assured that the respective department has been notified to check and we will notify you via email once we have the received their reply.

We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. We truly apologized for the inconveniences caused.

Vous me dites que je doit demander a ma banque une solution ou confirmation du transfer et celle-ci me me confirme de la transaction de 82,93 €

Mais ma commande est toujours en attente ....  quand je vous envois des Message vous me dites toujours ou tourner les même phrases donc j aimerais savoir 

Quand j aurais une réel réponse sans me dire demander a votre Banque au que ma Banque a bloquer la transaction .

Hi puireux,

It's seem that your orders transaction has been rejected by the gateway due to authorization issue with your card issuer. You may try to place new order again or you can contact your credit/debit card for more information regarding this matter.

My purchases have gone overnight but i dont have the money, does this mean I keep the money and why have they gone

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