Stuck on verifying

Purchased "Playstation Network Card (US) Bundle Promotion" as your website promises instant delivery. Nothing is happening though, and I'd like to know how long I'm supposed to wait until I get my order.

The money has already been charged from my paypal account, preventing me from purchasing a similar order from other sellers in the meantime. I've confirmed both email and paypal account, so everything should be in order.

Please hurry up with whatever you need to do, I really don't want to cancel my order.

 Hello Frederik,

It appears that you have requested your purchase to be canceled and therefore, a refund of your payment has been made back to your Paypal account. We apologize for any inconveniences that we have caused.

i am also having the same problem!


Hi Dominic,

Sometimes there will manual checking by our Agent for our Customers order before the order proceed accordingly. If you encounter this kind of issue again, you may contact us through email ( and we will rush our Agent to check as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Thank you.


how long it take to verifying i need my code now plz

Hi there,

Your purchase have completed within 5 minutes from your inquiry and we apologize for the drag. We hope that all is well now.


Hi, Im stuck on verifying aswell as other customers i see. Pls can you help me asap!

Hello. Can you please provide us your order number so we can check for you. Thank you.
Hi Hampus,

5959042 seemed to have completed. Shall you need any further assistance, do provide us the order number to expedite your inquiry :)


Hello, I am also stuck on verifying and the payment went through so it makes me concerned. ORDER# 5986754

Hi Shannon,

We are sorry as your order was refunded as the system had detected open proxy/vpn connection on your order.  You are welcome to try again after ensuring that you are using a direct connection to place the order so as to prevent the same issue from repeating.


Hey, I'm also stuck on verifying. Was charged but still says pending.

Order# 6041342



It appear your order has been completed now. Let us know if you require any further assistance.

Thank you

Hi, I'm also stuck on verifying, order number # 6043626

Hi Pettteri, Pertaining to your order 6043626, we have sent you an email requesting you to verify your PayPal email address. Kindly check on your email and click on the email verification link that we have sent to you earlier. Thank you.

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