Epic ...Gold?well you buy it and dont receive it...

Well i think this is not the first time off all you buyers and maybe it happened too you too 

as you can see i bought some gold via offgamers  Server Eu lucci ,and i didnt receive any gold on it... i quoted 2 suport and see what they answer 

Re: [#27883] ...

Hi Blaze Iuri,

Ticket ID: 27883

Thank you for contacting us! 

Please be informed that the new order have completed and the developer have confirmed that the Gold has been provided less than 5 minutes when the order completed:


Anime Pirates (EU) Account:
Server: LUCCI
Top-up ID: 91147
Top-up Status: Reloaded
Publisher Ref ID: 586989

Should you have any inquiries or require any assistance for your order, do not hesitate to send us your inquiries. We're always ready to assist you as best we can.


Eli Leong
(Customer Experience Team) 

after that 

Ticket Resolved - [#27883] ...‏

Ticket Resolved - [#27883] ...



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Dear Blaze Iuri,

The agent who was taking care of your request has indicated that your Ticket (#27883) has been resolved.

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OffGamers Support Team


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Gold?nope...epic. thats why u loose buyers ...

Hi Luri,

We have escalated the issue to our respective department for further checks with Prodigy and we shall get back to you immediately once there's any update from Publisher. We thank you for your patience and apologized for any inconveniences caused.

 Hi Luri,

Pertaining to your inquiry in regards to the Issue for order 5742093, we are pleased to inform you that our respective team had receive update from publisher that the Issue has been resolves and delivered the gold to your game account now. Kindly contact us again shall the Issue still persist

Thank you

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