10% Cubits Bonus discount?

You guys put a 10% cubit bonus discount but yesterday i bought 100 cubit was $3.55 today its increased to $3.96 minus 10% become $3.56, in the end its the same price, what 10% discount is that? 

Hey Joel,

May you kindly provide us the order in which you have completed that shows the price difference?


Dear Joel,

Please be informed that since OffGamers is a company that is based on utilizing USD as it's primary currency hence, each and every other currency featured will be affected by the daily USD foreign exchange rate. The slight hike on the price might have caused by the differences between SGD and USD at the time being :


3.13 USD = 3.95319 SGD

Mid-market rates: 2014-09-13 03:11 UTC

 Hello Joey,

After speaking with the Product team, it appears there was some misinformation on the announcement that we made. We were told that we have been offering exclusive discount of 10% for our Platinum customers. However, with the introduction of this promotion, we have additionally added 1 % discount for Platinum customers and 2% discount on top of the exclusive discount to our valuable customers.

Hope this clears up the confusion.

Hi Joey,

We will resolve your ticket and consider your inquiry has been attend accordingly. You may refer at our website for more information regarding this promotion:

Thank you.

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