Any chance or way to get instant verification?

Hello Support staff,

I would like to know if there is any way that I can speed up the verification process after I make a purchase using PayPal.

There are times when topping up is VERY time sensitive, for example during in-game events, and it is absolutely frustrating to have to wait up to 30 mins after purchasing due to verification.

It's my understanding that PayPal already verifies its users to prevent fraudulent activities so it seems a little redundant to have to wait again for verification.

If you check my account, I have been a loyal customer since the beginning of June and I have spent almost US$3500 (approx. US$1100/month) without any problems.

If I may suggest, would it be possible to allow me to have a certain USD amount that can be processed/completed right away? 

For example every month I am able to purchase US$400 without any verification. If I go over the US$400 amount then I have to wait for verification.

This would definitely be the missing piece to making this site perfect for me. 

I am satisfied with everything about your company EXCEPT for the 30 minutes verification.

I hope something can be arranged and I look forward to your response.

Warmest regards

Hi Michael,

Pertaining to your query, PayPal do verifies the users to prevent fraudulent activities, however, we do have our very own flow as well in processing each orders. We apologize for any inconveniences in regards to this matter. We will try to get your orders to be processed as soon as possible in the future.

That is such a shame. That would truly have made your services perfect.

Is there anything at all that I could do on my end to help or speed up the process?

Hopefully in the future, your company can find a way to speed up the verification process.


 Hello Michael,

We have notified the department who's responsible of handling profile verification and we have received confirmation that they have removed the necessary flags accordingly. Please drop us a message again if you have any further questions.

In the mean time, we will be deemed this as resolved. Thank you for contacting us.

That's great news James.

Thank you very much

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