10000 Gold option for Anime Ninja

At Anime Ninja, there are a lot of events that have bonuses if we top up 10,000 gold in one shot.

If we top up 5000 Gold 2x, we are not eligible for the bonus, and topping up 15,000 is a little out of some people's price range.

So It would be nice to see a 10,000 Gold option please.

Hi Michael, we will forward this to our respective department and see what we can do for this.


 Dear Michael,

The product management team have notified the publishing company accordingly and we were informed that it was taken into consideration. You may check from time to time. Shall it be implemented, we will notify you accordingly.

Thank you for your continuous support!

Thank you for the quick reply Yap and Elizabeth.

I look forward to it being implemented. (Hopefully sooner rather than later ;p)

Have a great day~

Dear Michael,

You are most welcome. For the time being, we are still awaiting news from the publisher/developing company. Thank you for your kind patience as well as your suggestion!


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