Teencash Korean prepaid card

I notice that there is no Korean teencash card here. It will be nice if I can purchase this Korean game card here.

Hi Kwok Lik,

Thank you for your feedback. We will check with our inventory department and get back to you soon :)

Hi Kwok Lik,


Referring to the respective product team's response, we were informed that they are in the midst of negotiating with Publisher and hopefully we able to market their products on our website. Once we have acquired the product, we shall announce it on our Facebook page and put it up on OffGamers banner/announcement. Additionally, we shall notify you via email for the update as well.

Thank you for your continuous support!

Hi Kwok Lik,

In regards to your suggestion, we have finally uploaded the product online. Please go to this link to place your order : If you have further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Thank you for your continuous support.


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