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better Discounts and Rewards for loyal customers

Hey there guys,

This is why first suggestion and I'm sure its been on the minds of other customers as well.

I recently became a platinum member today and I really love offgamers as a service but I don't see much incentive to the loyalty system. the WOR token system is difficult to appreciate when 50,000 points is 5 dollars. an amount I acheived after buying more than $550 worth of codes. 

I really do appreciate this site very much, I just wish being loyal would have a little more benefit like slight discounts overall or something. 

Hello, Saad. Definitely we will reward our loyal customer as a long term support as we are trying to offer more promotions and discounts in the future and do check our website for more latest news from time to time. Thank you


3yrs !!! and its still like that -.-  very disapppointed lower it!! or give discounts in platinums ! dont make it the same rank as gold -_- the discount in prices is much more needed 

Hi Jonalyn,

Keep in mind that there is some difference on every membership status, which mean the higher membership status you are, the more WOR Token you will be rewarded.

You may refer this link to find out WOR Token rewarding system on each membership status.

Thank you.

that WOR is not worth ~ we demand lower prices in every membership ranks 

I'm A platinum plus member and that WOR is not worth why ? because i need to spend a lot just get just $5 discount ... unlike others the higher the ranks more discounts 

Thank you for your feedback, we have forwarded this to the respective department for their review and consideration. Most of the pricing for the product came with discounted price. Do let us know more if you have more question. 

i was being a platinum since 2008 or 2010 i think, i believe their system are good already considering their pricing and support etc.

wor system just kind of bonus you can get, while their pricing are already good , and as we know they didnt earn much from selling a voucher, so there is not possible for them to give us more discount , i bought voucher in bulk from my game publisher btw that why i know their price differences

Thank you for your support towards our website. We hope to have the pleasure of serving you again in the future. :)

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