US Visa Gift Card (prepaid)?

Hi! today I noticed the "Japanese Visa (Japan) Gift Card" and I was wondering if you can sell US Visa gift cards too? Thank you! :)

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 Hello, ARIA . We have escalated your inquiry to our respective department to review. You will be notify by us once there is an updates. Thank you.

 Hi Aria,

Do you mean this : ?

If not, do provide us the US VISA Gift Card official link.

Yes this is the gift cards I meant :)

 Thanks Aria for your confirmation. We have escalated your inquiry to the respective product team. Once they have any sort of updates, we will respond to you immediately.

 Hi Aria,

The product management team mentioned that they will try their best to source for the said product and you can stay tuned for the updates. :)

Thank you for your kind patience and suggestion!

Thanks a lot! *^^*

Please be informed that we have the item ready for sale and you can check it out :

However, it seems that it's a pre-ordered item since it was labelled as [ Delivery within 24-72 hours ]. Hope that helps. :)


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