Mycard my/tw/sea error

Hi all, did you get error when you tried buy 2000 (or lower) MYCARD? When I clicked on Secure checkout it gave me error when the page was loading and sent me back. What is it?

Hi Morekmorek,

Kindly be informed that we have checked on your profile and it seems that you have made several orders that were canceled and the PaysafeCard gateway shows that your payment authorization have failed. Kindly try to use FireFox instead and make sure to have all your cache, cookies and history cleared. You will want to have the pop-up blocker removed and the Javascripts updated + running as well.


Shall there still be issue with your checkout, kindly take a screenshot of the error you are experiencing and send it to so that we can further assist you.

Hello morekmorek,

Because we didn't received any other updates for more than 2 weeks, we will be treating this case as closed.


Thank you. I know what happend where the problem was and I already bought a several of Mycards in amount 200$. 

Glad to hear that. We will now deem this issue as resolved.


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