Sick of "Verifying". Want delivery NOW.

I've used OffGamers MANY, MANY times.

I placed two orders that I need IMMEDIATELY and they are STILL "verifying".

Wish they would HURRY UP.

Aren't you supposed to guarantee delivery within 15 minutes?!?!

And what's more, now it says "Live chat is not available"

And I've got no response to my email

AND no response to this thread.

What's even weirder is that the orders I placed today are less expensive than my previous ones, so WHAT is the MATTER??

Aren't you supposed to be working 24/7????

Instant delivery was the biggest reason I'm even using this site!!!

Hello Daye,

We are truly sorry for the hold on both of your orders. However, it seems that it has been processed and completed successfully. Our LiveChat is currently deactivated for services upgrade and shall your orders be pending more than 15 minutes, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail with the order number :

We will try our very best to assist you as best we can.

I just placed another order today and I still haven't received it. I am really tired of you taking hours to verify EVERY SINGLE order I place, even though I have had NO problems paying for my orders AND I have complained about this MANY times. I am a PLATINUM PLUS customer. You should be sending me my orders WITHIN 15 minutes if not immediately.

 Hello Daye,

We have sent you an email with further explanation to why your order was delayed for verification thus far. After some reconsideration, we have removed certain flags from your account to reduce the chances of any delays due to verification for your future orders, which should be less than time needed for your current order, which is approximately 20 minutes.

Once again we apologize for the inconveniences caused.


I'm also a bit concerned that my order is taking so long to verify.  I have a feeling I have the same "certain flags" as Daye, so if you would be so kind as to remove them for me as well, that would be nice.  

Thanks in advance.

Hi David,

We do apologize for the late updates of your order. Your order has been completed 2 hours ago.


My order has also been over than 6 hours, and I have sent all the verification documents. Order # is 5703654   Please take a look. I don't like waiting for long for this.


Hi Marvin,

We are truly sorry about the inconveniences caused due to the verification hold but, we are trying to keep risks as low as possible for account holders as well as for our end of the business. Furthermore, it was part of the terms and conditions that customers have agreed to during sign-up.

Your purchase has completed now and once again, we apologize for the inconveniences caused.


Hello I want to know how long does it take to verify my order, I'm new here.

Hi A,

Regarding Order 5756515, you are required to perform the following verification requirements:

1> Update your valid first and last name on your OffGamers Account
2> Verify your PayPal account's email with OffGamers. We have sent you the link and you may also check your spam/junkmail box.

Hope this helps. Do notify us when the above are complete.


i verified the email and made sure the name was updated

Hello. Your order has been cancelled upon to your request and your next order should be fine since you have verified your paypal email and updated your name. Thank you.


Same problem for me.   Any chance we can get this sorted??


hi Kamran,

Your order is now in Processing status. You may proceed to contact the seller by using the built-in chat system on your order.


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