Store Credits

hello i emailed the detail of my payment via western union last 25th of july and until now i dont get my store credit...can someone 

help me with my problem? tnxz alot!!!

 Hello Glenn,

Our Finance officer will be collecting your payment today and we will notify you via email once we have successfully collect the payment.

thank you very much sir!!!

hi sir, i buy 29 us dollars and i just received only 28 store can i buy wtfast time code with a cost of 28.47 store points:((

Hello Glenn,

You should be able to make a purchase of 1 + 3 month time code.


sir i buy this +3 month time code using my 28 store credit and now i need to pay for another 0.47 dollars via western union again?:((

Hello Glenn,

After consideration, we have decided to offer you instant upgrade to Bronze status so you can enjoy price slash for this product, making the price for 3 months + advance time code now amounted to US $25.62. With that, you should be able to place order now with the store credits that you have right now =D

ok sir thank you:)

i already buy wtfast time code...tnxz alot!!! :)

You are most welcome Glenn =)


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