Orders takes days to verify because of a weekend and (national) holidays ?

Posted over 8 years by Walter

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 So on a normal saturday at 14:30 I thought let's make another order at offgamers.com

However since I used a proxy (for being able to use Facebook, Youtube and Twitter from China where I am working at the moment) I got flagged. My order was set to 'verifying'.

That happened the first time (3 months ago) as well but it got solved in about 30 minutes through their live-chat. However today is different. No staff is around to help with the verifying issue

and because of some national holiday I have to wait until wednesday (!) before this 10 euro (!) order can be verified.

So this 24/7 website, with a lot of international customers, does not have enough staff to help with kind of urgent issues ? It has to take sunday, monday, tuesday and then somewhere wednesday to check a simple transaction ?

If you order ; don't do it through a VPN or proxy ; obviously you are a criminal. Also don't order in the weekend. And check if there is a national holiday coming up (in whatever country their staff may work).

Tip ; if you run an international online system ; have someone available to solve issues in the weekends. Don't just have some cheap support-staff online that cannot solve problems for customers.

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james posted over 8 years

 Hello Walter. 

First of all, we are terrible sorry for the delay of your purchase. Admittedly, we should have provide such service to authenticate and verify purchase(s). Normally, our Customer Support team will have authorisation to process purchases with certain flags but it is unfortunate that your purchase was further delayed due to the complication with numerous high risk flags being tagged to your purchase. With that said, we are forced to hold on to your purchase until Wednesday to get approval from the Anti-Fraud officers. 

We will look into this to improve by cutting down the wait time in between. Hopefully such situation will not happen again in the future. Also, we would definitely recommend you to check on other cash transaction available in China:


Once again we apologize for the inconveniences that we have caused.

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