tired of felling ignored

im a regular buyer, i spend over 2000usd monthly, im tired of getting my orders cancelled with the excuse of out of limit, according to the support answers, the limit its cleared not full at the begging of month, its cleared 30 days after of the especific order, well 30 days ago i have orders about 300usd and still getting out of limit message, im really tired of this, i still cant bealive there is no place to check my own limit, and have to try and try losing money because the refund doesnt refund the comition? thats ugly. im thinking on leave the site

Dear Ignacio,

I believe we've spoke on LiveChat regarding your options on turning into a Reseller in this case. We have also sent you details on how to become a Reseller via Ticket 20996. The respective teams shall contact you for further details as soon as possible regarding your inquiries.

Thank you for your kind patience.


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