Just WOW!!! Such a terrible Service!! Customers save your time shop elsewhere!!

This has been the worst online shopping experience I have encountered! The payment process is easy peasy because they want your money! But when it actually comes to getting your product.. Wow.. I bought WoW gold and i was told by the farmer that he had no gold and to wait for a while. So ambiguous. So I waited woke up this morning and they have canceled my order and denied receiving my payment. The money is missing from my account and my bank statement proves that. So I was told to email the support team a screen shot of my bank statement!! I already don't trust these people and now they want to see my bank details! I grit my teeth and sent them a screen shot my bank statement and the email from them THANKING ME FOR MY PAYMENT WITH A RECEIPT NUMBER!!!!



 Dear Luke,

First and foremost, we are truly sorry about the inconveniences caused by the seller as we have received your complaint on him informing you that the gold he had were suspended by the game makers. We noticed that you have contacted our LiveChat after this complaint to request for the order to be uncanceled as you wished to receive the Gold.

Our respective team are currently working on the roll-back and once it is done, we will notify you accordingly via your order updates and arrange for the seller to deliver in the soonest time possible. Please be reminded to never return any Gold you will be receiving.

Once again, our sincerest apologies for any inconveniences caused due to this delay. We pledge to improve in our service to make provide you a better shopping experience in the future.

Hi Luke,

Kindly be informed that our supplier is ready to trade with you on WOW(US) > Khaz'goroth > Horde to your said character. However, G2G management have been informed that your character does not exist on the Horde faction (also as accordance to WOW Armory)

There was only one in Alliance but, it shows that the character have been inactive for months. We have tried to call you multiple times on your verified mobile on 3 different lines and we are unable to reach you. We have also e-mailed you accordingly. We await for your swift response.


Dear Luke,

Seems that your visit to LiveChat have solved all the issue with the Toon typo and seems that delivery have been made. :)

We thank you for your kind patience and hope that you have a great weekend ahead!


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