Phone number verification problem


Am I supposed to receive an sms on my mobile to confirm the number once I register? Because I never got it, and once I proceed to purchase, it says my number has either been used before or it's not correct. Then I tried with a different mobile number, but same results. Please help me.

Hi i have the same issue i keep getting to the manage profile page and not redirected to paypal

 Hi colby yong, please send us an email for your phone verification. Your profile may need a manual phone verification before placing an order. You can send your email to

+639080267137 this is my phone number and i can't add it

Hi Coinsph0, We sent security token to your email. You may use the token to change your phone number in your profile. Thank you.

I'm having a problem too, i am certain i have the correct digit's but it says my phone number is already in use.

Hi James,

We have checked your account and it seems that you have updated a phone number which is not recognized as a mobile number by our System. The Security Token has been sent to you in a separate email. To update your mobile phone number, please click on the link below:

Note: Please be informed that we only accept mobile number for phone verification.

Thank you

im haveing the same problem with verifying my number as well please help

Hi Sharlane,

Unfortunately, our system unable to accept VOIP, landline, Skype or other Internet phone numbers at this time. Kindly provide another valid  mobile number to proceed with the Mobile number verification process.

To update your mobile phone number, please click on the link below:

Please do contact us by email at should you need any further assistance. Thank you

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