Cant Confirm My mobile number?!

Posted over 8 years by Manoj

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 I Cant confirm my mobile number because im not receiving any one...i cant even use live chat because it tells that i need atleast one order in process to chat with them!
 Duh! im in the check out page and still cant live chat....what should i do to live chat? its frustrating!!

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Daryl posted over 2 years

Hi Cassandra,   

We have sent you a reply via Ticket ID: (441910) via email and further correspondence will done via the ticket email we have replied to you.   


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Cassandra posted over 2 years

Ehy are you taking money from my account when I didnt buy anything

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james posted over 8 years

 Hello Manoj,

It appears that our officer has contacted you through your registered mobile phone number and you have successfully made your first purchase.

Therefore, we will be deem this inquiry as resolved. Thank you once again for contacting us!

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