Verfying with paypal

 how long does this take to verify?

 Hello Amber,

We've checked on your purchase and looks like you have already successfully verify your Paypal email address and your purchase has been completed. 

All you have to do now is, just go to My Account  > Completed order to retrieve the code. Here's a quick link for you:

Feel free to post again if you happen to have any question.

It says I must verify my email adress, but I have already done so. however my order says i still must do so, what is the problem?

Hello Andreas,

We have checked on your Order 5592843. Kindly be informed that your e-mail registered with OffGamers ends with the domain name [ ] whereas your PayPal's primary e-mail address domain is the same but, ends with the domain name [ ]

This means both e-mails are required to verify separately in two e-mail that we have sent with different verification links.

We noticed that you have requested for cancellation as you were unable to verify the PayPal e-mail. Perhaps you may adjust your primary e-mail there and place a new order again. :)


same Thing i  buy i pay i verify      how Long i must wait now ???

ok everything all right must i  now verify again when i buy??

Hello Daniele,

It appears that your latest order has been completed. Normally, your future order(s) will be completed accordingly without going through the same email verification, as long as you are using the same Paypal account =)

 how long does this take to verify?

It appears your recent order has been completed and delivered to your account. Thank you for supporting us and have a great day ahead!

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