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Posted over 8 years by talal

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I can not imagine that I waited six hours for the delivery of 80 000 went from the diamond seller .... must look at the subject and make sure that the vendors were really deserve seller Diamond .....

Note: 6 hours of compensatory responsible for them?

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Elizabeth posted over 8 years

Hi again Talal,

We have double-checked on your Order 5562858 and it seems that the seller have now completed the trade with you. We would like to apologize again on behalf of the seller for the delay and the inconveniences caused.

Shall you have any further inquiries, kindly do not hesitate to e-mail us at

Have a great weekend!


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Elizabeth posted over 8 years

Dear Talal,

First and foremost, we would like to apologize for the inconveniences caused. Regarding your purchase, the seller have notified the G2G management that the accounts holding the amount of Gold are having some issues after the maintenance and they are currently trying their best to source for a new batch of Gold for you. It was mentioned that delivery should be available about 5-6 hours from now.

Once again, our sincerest apologies for the delay. Please be reminded also to not return any Gold you shall be receiving.


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james posted over 8 years

Hello Talal,
We would like to extend our apologies on behalf of for the delay of your purchase. We will file a report pertaining this and escalate this to the G2G guys for further action.
Once again we are sorry for the inconveniences caused.


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