Offgamers and G2G really need to sort their shit out!! Ordered 50k gold from G2G and the guaranteed delivery time was within 1 hour from placing the order - I have now waited for 24 hours!!!! Had email to say that the seller was ready to deliver the order and to wait in game - I am still waiting 3 hours after that!!! It is absolutely the WORST service I have EVER had!!! False promises false advertising!!! When and IF i get my gold I sure as hell wont be using this crappy service ANYMORE!!! anyone with even half a brain suit follow suit!!

Hi Julie,

First and foremost, sorry for the late reply. We apologise for the ordeal you went through during your purchase with us. We have checked and it seems that you have purchased gold successfully with another seller after we have refunded your previous order as the seller was unable to deliver. 

Sorry for the delay on your order. 

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