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Elizabeth, just following up on my last post and providing details as i cant reply.

Hi there Elizabeth,

The method that I am am talking about is a technology called Quarkcoin.

Quarkcoin was designed from the ground up to be secure and fast (transactions typically take 30 seconds or less from customer to retailer). This short video has more information: 

Or you can go to the Official Quarkcoin website if you prefer:

Quarkcoins are gaining momentum:

It is the first cryptographic currency to be accepted for in-game payments: The developers of the new Shaquille O'Neal video game ( have made the official announcement that they will be not only accepting Quark for In-game purchases but have also created the "Quark Gauntlet" in the game:

On 7 May, the above developers reached their crowd-funding goal of $450K (with some significant promotional assistance from the Quark community), as in their twitter message here:

Tie-ins with other games such as Eve Online are being explored. 

Quark was recently promoted in China (Zhang Zhang, a famous Chinese celebrity made a music video prominently showing Quarkcoin).

OffGamers would be included in our new initiative of teaming up with games and gaming services, as Quarkcoin offers very low fees and has a transaction time of less than 30 seconds it is ideal for micro-payments.

Quark also has a mobile wallet for Android. It works a treat, and is fast enough to be feasible for web retailers, taxi fares, bricks and mortar shops etc. You can view this here

Note there are zero fees to start accepting Quarkcoin, but if you wish you can also use any of these merchant services (some with fees of less than 1%) to convert Quarkcoins to regular money instantly

In other words, Quark has huge potential, and a lot is going on behind the scenes to encourage mass adoption. If you will accept Quarkcoin as a payment service I will promote OffGamers here at our active growing forum:

What do think? Happy to discuss.

Daniel (from QuarkPlanet team)

Hi Daniel, 

Sorry for the late reply. I believe we have already contacted you regarding your suggestion. 

Your suggestion is appreciated. :)

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