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Posted over 8 years by rajja

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I purchased 20$ psn card (U.S) and the code shows invalid on psn i want a refund now or a new code been 2 days already now i havent recieved any code or refund yet

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Elizabeth posted over 8 years

 Hi there,

It seems that the PSN support team notified that both codes purchased have been used on the same day of your purchase, after you have viewed the code. Kindly refer back to PSN support for more info.

Have a great weekend.

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Elizabeth posted over 8 years


Kindly provide us with 2 screenshots so that we can submit it back to PSN support to troubleshoot your issue:

1> Screenshot of your order showing the code you have received
2> Screenshot of the error you received on your PSN account during redemption

Kindly do not crop the pictures and attach them to an email with your Order Number as the title and email it to

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