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Posted over 8 years by jonah

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I just recently bought an Ultimate Game Card from your site under the assumption that I would be able to use it for PWI (Perfect World International). I checked the games the Ultimate Game Card supports and PWI was listed so I made the purchase, however, when I logged my info to enter the pre-paid activation code it said the code was incorrect. If I am missing something kindly contact me with the info I need to proceed so that I may use the card for the aforementioned game.  Thank you


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Khairul M

Khairul M posted over 8 years Admin

For your issue, I suggest you to send an email to support@offgamers.com and we required you to send us with:

1) Screen shot of the error message that you receive when you try to use the codes, including the url link that you try to use the cd-key / time card / expansion pack
2) Screen shot from the Offgamers order history page showing the CD Key product codes.

Or you may submit your complaint directly through our website: http://www.offgamers.com/event.php?news_id=1533

Once you submitted the complaint through our websidte, it's will directly to our CD Key Team for further checking.

Thank you.

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