visa card

Hi all

i live in italy so my only method for pay to play is use visa or mastercard....

i can't understand why a week ago i pay for some golds and i don't have had any problem with payment by website

now i can't use my card   why???

 Hello Mirko,

We are terribly sorry to inform you after investigating into your issue, that we are unable to accept your credit card payment transaction as our system has detected discrepancies that ties to another customer of us with payment reversal history. After serious consideration, it is sad to say that we are unable to offer you credit card option.

Please contact our Live Chat Support if you need any help selecting other alternative payment options. We'll be ready to help you out.

How do I submit my drivers license and credit card

Hi Patricia, 

We have responded to your email ticket ID: 397713, therefore please follow up on this email ticket for any updates. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

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