I TOP UP 3k , But i receive 1k

Hello Max,
It appears that you have spoke to our operators and we have escalated the case to the publisher for rectification. Once resolved, we will let you know via email.


3rd day ? no one gona asnwer me or give  me an answeR? THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS SO BAD!

 Hi Max,

Kindly be informed that we have submitted your complain on to the publisher, PlayWeb Games(Prodigy) and are still awaiting for their response. OffGamers merely host the Direct Top-Up system whereby customers pay through us to the publisher get the Gold via the game hence, shall there be any complications, we are unable to access into their frameworks but, to wait for their response on troubleshooting the said problem.

Our sincerest apologies for any inconveniences caused due to the delay. We shall notify you again as soon as there are any updates to this matter.

Dear Max,

Prodigy has confirmed that the Gold should already be available in your account and shall the issue persist, the publisher have requested for you to contact them directly :


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